Our mission is to provide guests with a unique and memorable experience that will lead them to return to Siladen. We will behave in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and we are committed to taking an active role in the local community.

In 2004 we launched a conservation program to protect and safeguard turtles. Our staff has been trained by marine biologists to handle turtle eggs and to manage hatching grounds. To date over 1000 turles have hatched through this conservation program.

We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment in which the resort is located. It is only by ensuring that the environment is adequately protected that we can guarantee the long term success of Siladen Resort & Spa.

Waste is a major problem in all developing nations. We pursue a policy committed to reducing waste at the Resort to a miminum. The use of plastic containers is limited to bottled water. All other drinks are either served in cans or glass containers. Wet waste from the kitchen is disposed of at sea or given to the villagers to feed local animals. Dry waste is divided between plastic, glass and cans and disposed of in the city of Manado where part of it is recycled. Other waste is burned and buried.

As part of our efforts to preserve the marine environment, we have installed buoys to allow boats to anchor without damaging the coral reef. Our staff is forbidden from using boating practices that may cause damage to the coral reef. Guests diving with Siladen Resort & Spa sign the North Sulawesi Water Association (NSWA) code of practice. All Resort guests pay the Bunaken Marine Park Entrance Fee.
Siladen Resort & Spa actively participates in all activities organised by the NSWA. These include among others Eco Reefs installation in the Bunaken National Marine Park; regular COTS (Crown of Thorns) clean ups; release of illegally fished Napoleons.

We are committed to preserving the original vegetation of the island. We have therefore embarked on a long term landscaping effort aimed at continuously improving the attractiveness of the Resort and its surroundings.

To avoid depletion of the island’s water supply we have also installed water capturing systems on some of our buildings to capture and divert rain water to our reservoirs.

We believe it is our corporate responsibility to maintain an open dialogue with the local community on the Island of Siladen Island and to help improve the standards of living of the local inhabitants. Siladen Resort & Spa employs approximately 60 people from the local Kampung. This means that one out of three inhabitants of the island receives a regular monthly salary and benefits from social security payments. Employees of Siladen Resort & Spa also receive regular on-the-job training. All our employees are regularly hired according to Indonesian labour regulations. In addition, Siladen Resort & Spa has extended its electricity service to the village and provides five hours of free electricity every evening for both private and public use.

We also launched “Siladen Futurekids” a program aimed at raising, together with our resort guests, over USD 1,000. The money has been used to rebuild parts of the local school, complete buildings that have been left unfinished, purchase school books, supplies and note books, build tables and chairs. Approximately 35 children between the ages of 6 and 11 attend school on Siladen.