Free Diving Workshop with Gianluca Genoni


A world of silence awaits you as you take your final breath and dip below the surface. As you descend you become more negatively buoyant, effortlessly gliding past the reef. Without the noisy bubbles that scuba regulators make, fish, turtles and other marine life are not at all bothered by your presence, allowing you to get closer than ever before.
Freediving, or Apnea (derives from the Greek word a-pnoia meaning without breath) has been practiced by humans for thousands of years. Populations that lined the shores of lakes and seas used freediving as a method of putting food on the dinner table. Some of the residents of Bunaken Marine Park would fish using this ancient practice until very recently, and in many parts of Indonesia it is still a day-to-day occurrence. Nowadays the popularity of freediving as a sport is ever increasing. It promotes both physical and mental strength and well being, as well as many participants incorporating yoga and meditation into their training regime.

siladen_Gianluca Genoni_1In 2018, Siladen Resort & Spa will proudly welcome Gianluca Genoni, world record holder and Italian freediving champion. During his time here he will be offering freediving training, which will be open to all resort guests who want to join in, no prior experience in freediving or scuba diving necessary!
Over the course of the week Gianluca will cover topics such as breathing techniques, relaxation and the different freediving disciplines. All of the activities will have heavy emphasis on the safety aspect, so you can take your newfound knowledge and continue to progress in the sport in the safest manor possible whilst discovering more about the deep, and more about yourself.
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About Gianluca Genoni
siladen_gianluca_genoniGianluca began is sporting career at the age of five when he was enrolled in swimming lessons by his mother, however it wasn’t until later on that h
e would discover his incredible apnea ability by holding his breath for more than four minutes whilst messing around with some friends in the pool. His career in freediving took off immediately, and he acquired his first world record in August 1996 by completing a 106 metre variable ballast dive.
Since then he continued on a path that would break numerous records (including many of his own), as well as further pushing human limits by completing a static apnea with oxygen for an incredible 18 minutes 3 seconds!! He has also taken part in studies that involved immersing himself at an altitude of 5000 metres at the foot of Mount Everest, and completed an immersion under ice at an altitude of 3000 metres.
Gainluca’s impressive career has seen him collect 18 world records over a span of 20 years. These credentials have brought him sponsorship by Mares, made him a published writer and he is now the manager of SSI freediving Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Photos taken by Aaron Wong