Lisa Collins Underwater Photography Workshops

2019: 31st May – 9th June

 At the beginning of September 2017, Siladen Resort & Spa welcomed award winning underwater photographer, Lisa Collins, to host one of her famous photography workshops. Lisa is a well-known and respected figure in the world of underwater photography and dive journalism, being an senior contributor to major dive publications such as Diver Magazine, Dive Pacific, and Dive New Zealand. She is also a partner in INON UK, the exclusive distributor of INON underwater photography products.

Lisa is passionate about teaching underwater photography, and can easily cater her instruction style to meet the demands of both novice and experienced divers and photographers. During her workshop, participants learnt about certain topics through in-depth presentations, before heading out onto the boat to complete tasks relating to that subject. Topics included, but were not limited to; close focus wide angle, Snell’s window, split shots, snooting, advanced macro, and shooting the sun.

The variety of diving throughout Bunaken Marine Park makes it an ideal location for workshops of such a varied curriculum. We can spend days exploring the endless walls that Bunaken is famed for, taking wide angle shots of schooling fishes and friendly turtles in crystal clear waters, followed by some serious critter hunting and advanced macro photography on the sandy slopes of North Sulawesi.  

“Siladen Resort and Spa was the perfect place to run the workshop, offering a luxury unrivalled by most other underwater photography workshop. In the middle of Bunaken National Marine Park, the location of Siladen couldn’t have been better to access the incredibly beautiful, healthy reefs and stunning walls teeming with marine life as well as muck diving full of weird and wonderful critters.”
-Lisa Collins 

Specifically designed for advanced beginners to advanced intermediate underwater photographers, the workshop was very successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The dates for the upcoming Lisa Collins Underwater Photography Workshops are as follows:

2019: 31st May – 9th June

If you are interested in joining us for either of the dates, or would like some more information regarding these workshops or other upcoming events, contact us at:



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