Underwater Photography Workshop With Dr. Richard Smith


At Siladen Resort & Spa we are extremely excited as in June 2017 we are proud to welcome Richard Smith, a world renown British underwater photographer, writer and marine biologist.

Richard began his diving career in 1996 and has since trained up to Divemaster level, logging roughly 3000 dives. Diving has allowed Richard to indulge in his passion for natural history, and his photography skills allows him to share that passion with the rest of the world. In 2002 Richard graduated from the University of Southampton, England, with a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology, before heading to Queensland, Australia, where he got an MSc in Ecology and Evolution. In 2007 Richard began researching the biology and conservation of pygmy seahorses for his PhD, and he was awarded his doctorate in 2011.

Over the past decade, Richard’s photographs and marine life focused features have appeared in a wide variety of publications around the world. Richard leads marine life expeditions where the aim is for participants to get more from their diving and photography by learning about the marine environment: www.oceanrealmimages.com

“The diving in north Sulawesi is extremely varied and thanks to its location at the heart of the Coral Triangle, and has a correspondingly high diversity of species. There are reefs with stunning corals as well as muck dives that harbour a whole different host of creatures”

Richard Smith

Siladen_Richard SmithRichard will be with us between the 23rd June 2017 – 3rd July 2017. During his time at Siladen Resort & Spa, Richard will be giving many presentations. Subjects include, but are not limited to:

• Critter Hunting and Photography
• Observing and photographing creature behaviors
• The private life of pygmy seahorses
• Muck diving and how to get great critter shots

These lectures are aimed to give divers a greater understanding of the local marine life, thus helping them get more from both their diving and their photography. Richard will be on hand to help with creature identification, camera techniques and fish talk.

Understanding marine behavior is an essential part of getting the perfect photograph. Richard will work with both your camera technique and the way you interact with the marine life to help you improve your photography skills. This workshop is a must for photographers who are trying to improve their skills, as well as already competent photographers who are looking to add a new twist to their artwork.

Photos taken by Richard Smith 

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