Alex Lindbloom

Alex Lindbloom is an award winning underwater photographer originally from Boise Idaho but lives and works in Indonesia.

“Diving Bunaken from Siladen Resort & Spa is an absolute dream. The marine park hosts a bounty of beautiful reef fish, extremely photogenic reefs, and everyones favorite critters. I really couldn’t have expected a better week. I was even able to snorkel with baby olive ridly sea turtles just after they hatched on the resort’s beach. I have to say though, while the diving is phenomenal, my favorite thing was just paddle boarding around the island at sunset and investigating the sea-grass beds for the illusive dugong. Whether you’re a diver or non diver, you’ll find plenty to do with your time and your expectations will be far exceeded by the resort staff and the area in general.”

His work is a regular feature in various dive magazines, an assortment of online publications and has even been on display at United Nations building in New York. The diversity of Alex’s skill set is hopefully exhibited through an array of powerful images which range from the tiniest sea creatures measuring no bigger than a grain of rice to the impressive five meter wing span of the oceanic mantas. For more information about Alex and his photography please check out his new website.

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