There are over 50 dives sites within easy reach of the Resort. All dive sites around the 5 islands of the Marine Park are wall dives whereas dive sites alongside the coast of North Sulawesi are mostly dark sandy slopes with corals. A wreck site is also available for diving in the Manado bay.

Lekuan 1 is a vertical winding wall with lots of crevasses, canyons and beautiful overhangs in the deeper part. It often is prone to strong currents but is sheltered from waves. There is an abundance of giant barrel sponges, black coral, ascidians and gorgonians. A big variety of pristine hard and soft coral and the abundance of turtles makes it a divine place for snorkelling.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: The resident giant turtle Rambo, father of almost all the Turtles in Bunaken can be found sleeping in a cave. Schools of trevally, Batfishes, Pyramid Butterfly fish and Banner fish can also be found. With the right current we can see white-tip reef sharks, Napoleons bumphead parrotfish, and large groupers.

Lekuan 2 is a continuation of the famous Lekuan drop off in the south of Bunaken. Crystal-clear water teaming with lots of great overhangs and beautiful caves covered with soft coral make this place a paradise for wide angle photographers. Giant Barrel sponges, black coral, ascidians, gorgonians and feather stars. A big variety of pristine hard and soft coral on the top reef also make it a top spot for snorkelling.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Angelfish red tooth triggerfish, butterflyfish, a big school of resident black snappers, leaf fish, schools of big eye trevally and large Napoleon Wrasse. Your guide will also help you look for Bargibanti pygmy seahorses on this site.

This is the end of the famous Lekuan Wall. Starting from Lekuan 2, the wall continues and changes into a slope with a lot of amazing pinnacles, some nice caves, and overhangs in the shallow part. This is an ideal site for night dives. Giant Barrel sponges, black coral, ascidians and gorgonians and feather stars and be found throughout the site. A big variety of pristine hard and soft coral. A large variety of nudibranch, with the occasional Spanish Dancer.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Blue ring octopus, Bobtail squid, Cleaner shrimps, damselfish, angel fish, sweet lips and turtles.

A great wall dive with crevasses, swim thru, caves and canyons. Particularly nice for photographers when the sun rays penetrate the crevasses and canyons. As it is very sheltered from waves and current, it is ideal for night dives. Many different shapes of hard coral, soft corals, ascidians, and feather stars.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Butterflyfish, parottfish, wrasses, yellow box fish, surgeonfish and triggerfish.

Named after a Japanese instructor, this dive site is the only place around Bunaken that is not a wall dive. Giant barrel sponges and giant clams can be found.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Many schooling fishes: big school of batfish, spadefish, black snappers, blackfin barracuda, trevallies, sweet lips, large trigger fishes, and garden eels in the sandy parts.

The site is named as such as it looks like a Mandolin from a bird’s eye view. The reef top is very interesting, but is prone to currents. Different colours and types of sea fans, big barrel sponges, black coral, maze coral, anemones and staghorn coral can be found in abundance throughout the dive site.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Small schools of reef fish, angelfish, bump head parrot fish, cardinal fish, damselfish and sometimes black and white tips sharks.

This site has a large cave where we often find lobsters and a wide variety of different crab species. There is also a wall in the deeper parts. This site has the largest presence of wire coral in Bunaken. Wire coral forest (look out for wire coral shrimp), many species of hard and soft coral, and plenty of feather stars.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: One of the richest spots in regard to reef fish; Angelfish, butterfly fish wrasses, lionfish, porcupine fish, seal faced puffer, and moray eels. With current, there is a good chance to see eagle rays or dogtooth tuna.

This site has a vertical wall shaped like an amphitheatre. The reef top is exposed to waves, but there is some nice caves in the deeper part. Whip corals, black coral, gorgonians, ascidians and feather stars, and table coral are found on top of the reef.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Many anthias, angelfish, tilefish, sweet lips, gobies, yellow boxfish, and Scorpionfish.

One of the best spots to look for the big stuff. As it is located on the north east point of Bunaken Island, it is exposed to currents. Nutrient rich water, some deep caves and visibility that sometimes reach 40 meters makes this a dive you won’t forget. Whip corals, black coral, many large gorgonians, ascidians and feather stars are found encrusting the reef.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Thousands of red tooth triggerfish in the midwater, big schools of plankton feeders, fusiliers, pyramid butterfly fish, banner fish, damselfish, wrasses, parrotfish, and large angelfish. The exposure to currents means that you have a great chance to see larger pelagic like sharks, barracudas, giant trevally, napoleon wrasses, tunas and eagle rays.

Timur in Indonesian mean The East. This site has vertical wall in large steps, with beautiful table corals and nice reef top. There are many small caves where you can find turtles and baby sharks sleeping.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Butterfly fish, surgeonfish, parrotfish , wrasses, ornate ghost pipefish and leaf fish can be found.

The name of the site in Indonesian means “in front of the village”. Extension of the Lekuan Wall to the right, this site is characterised with steep slope with high biodiversity and often-strong currents. A big variety of pristine hard and soft coral and a beautiful reef top makes this a great site for both divers and snorkelers.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Many green and hawksbill turtles on the wall, groupers and midnight snappers, butterfly fish, leaf fish, and ornate ghost pipefish. Often dogtooth tuna, black and white tip sharks and Napoleon wrasse can also be seen in the blue.

A particularly nice wall dive with a spectacular reef top, there is huge diversity with the species of hard and soft corals found here. The colours are truly breath-taking. You can find up to 10 different coloured feather stars on one sponge (look for crinoid crab). A great site for both divers and snorkelers. An infinite variety of different hard and soft corals, gorgonians, whip coral, feather stars, and giant clams.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: A small group of Barracudas normally hangs around, a big variety of anemone fishes, ribbon eels, butterflyfish, gobies and different puffer fish, and boxfish and wrasses.

Utara means North in Indonesian. This site is exposed to waves and often has very strong currents. Gorgonians, giant clams, soft corals, feather stars, massive coral (Porites), lobsters and mantis shrimp can all be found here.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Sometimes baby sharks sleeping under a overhang, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, barracudas, trevallies and large emperors.

Negri is characterized by vertical winding wall with many vertical crevasses. It has a sheltered reef top with many branching corals. Look out for giant barrel sponges, black coral, anemones, different tube corals and funnel Coral, and lots of nudibranch.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Banded sea snakes, butterfly fish, angelfish, schools of fusiliers and batfish.

A flat plateau sloping down on both sides to 15 – 20 meters, and turns into a wall. There are often strong currents, with a possibility of upwards and downwards currents. This can be one of the best dive sites with the right conditions. Black coral, gorgonians, feather stars, whip coral and big boulders in the shallow make for an interesting dive. Mantis and Harlequin shrimp have also been spotted, as well as lots of nudibranch and flatworms.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: Parrotfish, surgeonfish, emperors, rabbit fish, stingrays, scorpion fish, lionfish and big schools of batfish. In the blue, sharks, napoleons, tunas, giant trevally, schools of bumphead parrotfish and big eye jackfish, can often be seen.

Wall in large steps, with alternating sandy areas, flat and very wide reef. This site is very exposed to waves and currents. The best chance to see Barracudas and Jackfish is with the high tide. You can find whip corals, soft coral, and sponges, massive coral in the shallow (Porites spp).
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: A very large school of Blackfin Barracuda, big schools of jackfish, dogtooth tuna, eagle rays and sometimes sharks in the deeper parts. Triggerfish, schools of fusiliers and banner fish can also be spotted here.

A fantastic wreck dive on a 60 metere long Dutch cargo ship. She is lying in an upright position in the sand, with her shallowest point being 24 metres and her deepest point at 37 meters. After you come close to the No Deco Limit, you can slowly ascend to the reef close by, which is a really nice muck dive. Being an artificial reef, this wreck is totally covered with hard, soft coral and big sponges.
MARINE LIFE HIGHLIGHTS: A school of Batfish and Barracudas can be found on the wreck structure, big giant puffer fish often sleep in the cargo holes.

These sites offer world class muck diving, on slopes with a mix of corals and white sand. Due to the change of the seasonal winds, critters vary from period to period. When conditions are good, some dive sites can give you different varieties of frogfish (painted, clown, giant, etc.), ribbon eels, flamboyant cuttlefish, giant cuttlefish, nudibranchs, crabs, and even mimic and wunderpus octopuses.

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