Cooking Class
siladen_Cooking Class01 Let our chef be your guide as he takes you on your very own Indonesian culinary quest! Learn how to prepare a variety of famous Indonesian and traditional Minahasan dishes. Over this amazing experience your will get the chance to choose and prepare a full traditional meal, including all the sides such as soups, sauces and sambal.
You will take home a fantastic collection of recipes to wow your friends with, as well as your very own Siladen Resort & Spa apron!

siladen_dolphintour_13Join us on one of the Resort’s boats for three hours of excitement in the Bunaken Marine Park as we set sail to encounter one of our most famous local inhabitants: the lumba lumba (Indonesian for dolphin). If you are lucky the timid lumba lumba will swim in groups under the boat’s keel. While sailing in the park you may also encounter hundreds of pilot whales.

Departure time from Siladen 7:30AM. Return time approximately 10:30AM.
Minimum pax required 2

siladen_manadotour_36From Siladen Resort we take a boat to Manado, and then we go to the traditional market after that visit the Ban Hian Kiong Temple, it’s the oldest Buddhist temple in eastern part of Indonesia. It was built in the early of 19th century. After that we go for shopping, and back to Siladen Resort.
Points of interest:
– Traditional market
– Indonesian Museum
– China Town
– Souvenir shop
– Shopping mall on request

Departure time from Siladen about 8AM, transfer by boat and private car to Manado, return time approximately 1PM, on time for lunch.
Minimum pax required 2

siladen_highlandtour_09From Siladen Resort we take a boat to the mainland. First stop is the awesome traditional wet market where you will be delighted (individual taste may vary) with our local version of a western supermarket! Then we travel towards Woloan village and observe the Minahasan Houses being built. Choose your house and they will deliver to your doorstep, knock down style! We will have lunch on the biggest lake in the region, Lake Tondano. Enjoy our traditional fish cuisine, fried or grilled. Bring a sweater as it can get windy. After lunch and short distance later you will see Polutan Village, a pottery industry for making ceramics. Our journey back will bring us to the changing color lake, Linow, due to its sulfur contents it’s quite breathtaking. We will stop along the way for some handicrafts at Tinoor. Traditional hats and Bamboo handicrafts just to name a few.

Dept. time from Siladen 8AM, transfer by boat and private car to Manado, return time approximately 5PM.
Minimum pax required 2

siladen_tangkokotour_02The island of Sulawesi, Indonesia’s third largest island, is characterized by large tropical forests and dense jungle home to many endemic species, insects, birds, plants, beautiful waterfalls and wild rivers. Flora and Fauna is the order of the day. If jungle walk is your forte, why not try this adventure?

From the Resort, we proceed in a comfortable coach for a 3 hour journey on the road towards the national park stopping to visit the Waruga, the ancient graves of Minahasan people who died long ago, the bodies inside are in the sitting position.

Once in the National Park,we will trek and hike in search of the Black Crested Macaque (Makaka Nigra, indigenous to North Sulawesi) and the Tarsius Spectrum (the world’s smallest primate). There are also plenty of birds – look out for the Hornbill Bird (Rhyticeros Casidix). Upon finishing our tour of the park, we will proceed towards Manado and stop by a local restaurant for dinner before returning to the resort. Bring your Cameras, long trousers and insect repellent. Our guides will bring the rest for you. Your lunch will be brought from the Resort. This excursion is suitable for people of all ages as the walks are easy.

Departure time from Siladen is 10.30AM return time 10pm (or alternatively, if you prefer to have dinner at the Resort, return time is 8PM).

Minimum pax required 2

siladen_mahawu_13The Minahasa region is formed by montains, hills, green valley and volcanoes (active and non-active). Some of them are possible to be explored during your stay at the Resort. All the guides have more than 15 years experience in trekking on volcanoes.

The elongated Mt. Mahawu volcano lies immediately east of Lokon-Empung volcano. It is the northernmost of a series of young volcanoes along a SSW-NNE line near the margin of the Quaternary Tondano caldera. It contains a crater lake with fumaroles and small geysers.

Mahawu is capped by a 180-m-wide, 140-m-deep crater that sometimes contains a small crater lake, and has two pyroclastic cones on its northern flank. Less active than its neighbor, Lokon-Empung, Mahawu’s historical activity has been restricted to occasional small explosive eruptions recorded since 1789. In 1994 fumaroles, mudpots, and small geysers were observed along the shores of a greenish-colored crater lake.

A surprisingly easy to climb Mt Mahawu is a must for those who love to see nature while enjoying a gentle climb towards the top. Our transfer will bring us to Tomohon Vegetable farms and that’s where we will start our ascent. From the base it will take us around a 1- hour trek to the lip of the crater. The breathtaking view will make you realize more of what scenic Manado has to offer: from the isles of Siladen, Bunaken, Manado Tua and the city of Manado. The “steamy“ lake and sulfur aroma will tickle both your visual and olfactory senses. Upon descending to the base we will proceed to a local restaurant for a sumptuous Minahasa style lunch. Stopping along the way for local handicrafts can be arranged upon request.

Location: 1.358N, 125.858N
Elevation: 4343.8 feet (1,324 m)
Type: Stratovolcano: A volcano composed of both lava flows and pyroclastic material.
Last eruptions: 1788, 1789, 1846, 1904, 1952, 1958, 1977
Level of walk: easy

Departure from Siladen at 8AM and once in Manado it will take the car approximately 40 minutes to arrive to the point were the trekking begins. Return time at Siladen approximately 5PM.
Minimum 2 people required

siladen_rafting_01The Minahasa region is formed by Mountains, hills, volcanoes, green valleys and rivers. Rafting gives the chance to ride deep into the forest of sulawesi. The music of the nature is surrounding all the Nimanga river which offer 9 km and 35 rapids during the 3 hours ride. Black macac monkey and beautiful birds can be seen during this adventure.

This excursion is suitable for both beginners and advanced rafters as different paths can be chosen. Fun is guaranteed!!! A nice lunch at the town of Sawangan will close this beautiful day. All the rafter leaders are professionally trained in order to assure safety at all time and to ensure this standard procedures set by A.W.A (American Whitewater Affiliation) are followed strictly.

Departure time from Siladen 8AM, return to the Resort at approximately 5PM
Minimum pax required 2.



Siladen island is a location where you can admire some of the most beautiful sunsets. You will have the option to have a boat taking you towards Manado Tua volcano which lies in the middle of the sea close by Bunaken Marine Park. There with just the sound of the wind and sea you will be able to enjoy at best any romantic moments with the grate panorama under your eyes.

Departure time from Siladen 5PM, return time 6:30PM
Minimum pax required 2
Max pax without extra cost 6

siladen_boat_01If you want to enjoy your own private boat at Siladen you can. We will take you within the Bunaken Marine Park at your discretion. A guide will be on board with you to take you snorkeling or diving. If you are certified diver you will be able to dive wherever you like in the marine park. Please note that the dives will be charged separately.

Minimum pax required 1
Max pax without extra cost 8

siladen_boat_08More than just stretching, yoga is an ancient art form based on harmonizing and devolving your mind, body, and spirit. If you are an aspiring yogi, or are interested in experiencing what yoga is all about, join us for yoga practice in the Treehouse – our purpose built yoga studio. We offer two weekly classes for free, which are aimed towards beginners and intermediate levels. Private classes for more experienced yogi are available upon request.

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