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The Siladen Team

A Story of hard work

Siladen Resort & Spa is famous for is world class diving, but to make it run smoothly and efficiently it needs a hard working, dedicated team operating the gears behind the scenes. We are fortunate to have a great team of roughly 100 people working together in order to make your experience at Siladen Resort & Spa the best one ever!

The majority of our staff come from Siladen, and almost everyone else comes from one of the neighbouring islands.

Since 1995

Our Story

A good percentage of our staff have been with us since the very beginning, and during your time with us at Siladen Resort & Spa, you will find that our resort team is second to none.

While passing through the resort you will always meet friendly, welcoming faces that will be ready to help or greet you, even if they do not speak perfect English.

daniele marianelli

Daniele Marianelli

Siladen Resort & Spa was Daniele’s fathers dream, so he has been a part of the team since day one. Daniele has traveled all over the world, far and wide, but for him, there is nothing better than enjoying a good meal under the Banyan tree on Siladen’s white sandy beach. Daniele is no longer full time on the island, however he always makes sure to come back ‘home’ as often as possible with his beautiful family.

General Manager

Miguel Ribeiro

Miguel studied Hotel & Tourism Management at University in Portugal, and after that he worked for many years in the industry with leading hotel chain Accor.

He began diving in 1993, and his newfound passion for the underwater world made him leave Portugal to work in Mexico, where he became a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and managed a dive centre in the Riviera Maya.

After doing this for many years, Miguel craved to return to his earlier passion of hotel management. After working as a room division manager at Wakatobi Dive Resort, Miguel took the position of general manager of Lembeh Resort, which he did for two successful years before deciding to make Siladen his new home.

“It is a privilege to work in a resort that not only has amazing reefs and dives but also a great team of people that genuinely cares for the guests well being.”

Miguel is able to speak in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and his own version of Indonesian (Bahasa Miguel), besides he is always willing to communicate in any language (even if it means inventing new words). He may look serious on a first impression, but you’ll soon discover a great humour and patience, an intense enjoyment of spending his time with guests and sharing his wide knowledge of diving.

Guest Experience Manager

Ana Fonseca

Ana graduated from University in Lisbon where she studied Portuguese and English literature, but after a ‘tryout’ dive in Brazil 14 years ago she just couldn’t stop diving. Back in Portugal she became PADI certified and continued her dive education, becoming an Instructor soon after. After living and diving in various places Ana fell in love with the caves of the Riviera Maya and coral formations of Cozumel, working with divers in Mexico for several years. But there was still something missing – Indonesia’s Underwater Biodiversity and it’s amazing hospitality.

“Indonesia is a fascinating country with amazing people, a rich, diverse culture to explore and that one simply wants to know better.”

Ana worked as the Dive Center Manager of Wakatobi Dive Resort, and later as Guest Relation Manager at Lembeh Resort. She is always available to answer any questions or help the guests in any way and is very happy to join you on a dive or snorkel trip. Ana speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, and is trying to improve her Bahasa Indonesian and Italian. She is calm, kind, organised and appears quiet, but she loves to chat about Indonesia’s diving and hear about other people’s experiences.

Committed to offering a high level of service and making their guests stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible, Miguel, Ana and the entire Siladen Resort & Spa team look forward to welcoming you soon.

Operational Manager

Riri Manembu

Riri has been with us since the very beginning. She initially worked in the front office and quickly learned everything there is to know about Siladen Resort & Spa. Originally from Minahasa, Riri has lived in Siladen since 2003, just before she got married. She has seen the resort change, improve and grow as the years have gone by, but she still loves the job just as much as she did on her very first day. She and all the repeat guests know each other by first names, and she has made many good friends along the way. The Resort is her second home and the staff her second family. She helps supervise all areas of the resort and she knows every single nook and cranny.

“ I just love Siladen, for me it feels like home and this home is just beautiful. I am also very grateful and happy to have the chance of meeting nice people from all over the world.”

Diving Center

Bunaken National Marine Park, famed for its crystal clear waters and stunning biodiversity is a world class dive spot.

Our professional dive team, led by Teddy, Leo and Lea is here to help you explore this sub aquatic treasure in the most enjoyable, relaxing and safest possible way.

If you have any questions about our amazing marine life, Dimpy, our resident marine biologist is always happy to help and share her knowledge with you. 

Front Office

This fun and welcoming team is the face of the resort. They welcome each guest at the airport, they are always available to answer any question, and they are the ones to wave goodbye at the airport after your stay.

Supervisor Jerrie Soleran has been with us since 2009. Always serving with a smile, Jerrie and his team will help you book a massage, plan a tour of the local area, do some shopping in our boutique. Besides that, they are always happy to simply chat with guests about anything.


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but after a hard day diving you may feel more tired than relaxed.

Our spa team offers a selection of luxurious traditional treatments and therapies to help you unwind after a tough day spent underwater or exploring the great sights of North Sulawesi.

Supervisor Indri will be happy to recommend the best treatment for you.

Restaurant and Bar

Sintia and Marlin are the restaurant and bar supervisors. This fun and hard working team are always looking for new ways to surprise guests with new meal arrangements and set ups.

They know each guest by name, as well as food and drink preferences, and are always happy to help arrange a romantic candle lit dinner or assist with any special requests. The team are always happy to welcome new and repeat guests, and chat with people from all over the world.


We are very proud of our kitchen team. They work hard and take great pride in the food they prepare and serve. Our kitchen team is led by head chefs Yongki Bukunusa and Jason Miller. These very talented chefs styles compliment each other by combining Jason’s international experience with Yonki’s expertise of local flavors. The passion for fresh, quality ingredients, combined with their ability to pair different flavors and cuisines is the reason why our kitchen team will not let you lose weight on your vacation.
Almost the whole team comes from Siladen village, and they are proof that with the right training anyone can learn how to prepare high quality, well presented food.

Accounting & Purchasing

They are not only responsible for all the resort accounting, but also for all the purchasing too. Being based on a small island, if we run out of something we cannot simply go to the local supermarket to resupply.

Everything needs to be planned, stock checked and organised to make sure we never run out of anything.

Housekeeping and Grounds

The housekeeping and grounds keeping team are the ones who make sure your room is always clean, your clothes are washed and ironed properly, and, most importantly, that you get a nice treat besides your bed before you tuck in for a nights sleep.

Siladen Resort and Spa has beautiful grounds with many different species of trees and flowers. It takes a knowledgeable, dedicated team care for them, especially over the long dry summers.

Supervisors Pak Ricoh and Ibu Anny are always checking that everything is in order inside and outside your villa.

Engineering and Security

This team is responsible for keeping everything running at all times. Siladen Resort & Spa produces its own electricity, builds and maintains all of its own buildings, and even most of the furniture you find around the resort was built here. The security controls who and what is coming into the resort, they help with the guest luggage, they keep an eye over the resort at night when everyone else is sleeping, and are normally the first ones to discover a turtle nest on the beach.

Supervisor Jefrey Bawekes, from Siladen has been with us since the very beginning.

Micky and Mina

Micky and Mina are probably the two most popular members of staff at Siladen Resort & Spa. They were rescued from Siladen village after being abandoned by their mother, and have quickly become the unofficial resort mascots!

You can usually find them playing around the feet of who ever may happen to be working in the front office, but they are always happy to make new friends and play with all the guests.

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