5 Star Dive ResortSiladen Resort & Spa is a 5 Star PADI Resort. Here you will enjoy a safe, exclusive and memorable diving experience. Thanks to our strategic location in the heart of the Bunaken National Marine Park, over 50 premium dive sites are within easy reach of the Resort. Day trips are also organized to Bangka (North), Lembeh Straits (East) as well as Popoh (South).

Our fully owned and managed PADI diving center is located on the Resort’s premises. You can choose to dive Air or Nitrox. For diving rates click here. To fully enjoy your diving, we ensure the guide to guest ratio is 1:4. We also offer a full set of PADI Courses in English, German, Spanish and Italian. To learn more click here.

Our Diving Center is equipped with Bauer compressors and 4 diving boats. We have 10 liters (60 cubic), 12 liters (80 cubic) and 15 liters (100 cubic) aluminum tanks with INT and DIN valves (DIN adaptors are also available).

uw_wide_12Please do not harass or touch any animal and comply with all Bunaken National Marine Park rules. Please take care to minimize the impact of camera lighting on the delicate critters by only taking a few shots.

Be aware of your surroundings. Practice good buoyancy, don’t lie on or touch the corals.
Moving animals is not permitted. Let the dive centre know if you need any help refreshing your buoyancy skills.

Proper weighting and correct weight placement can go a long way.

Gloves and knives are not permitted in the Bunaken National Park.

siladen_dc_01Diving at Siladen is organized to offer you the maximum comfort. At 8am every morning divers meet at the Diving Center. Boats leave right after 8am to allow guests to enjoy two morning dives and return to the Resort for lunch before 1pm.

Afternoon diving is available everyday at 3pm.
Mandarin/Dusk dives are available with right tidal conditions and only need a minimum of 2 divers, the boat leaves at 4:30pm.
Night diving is available every evening at 5:30pm, as long as there is a minimum of 2 divers interested. The maximum number of dives per day is 4, including the night dive. There is NO extra surcharge for night or mandarin dives.

uw_macro_217We offer dives to observe the mating of the beautiful Mandarin Fish and we also offer night dives in the rich Bunaken corals or on the sandy slopes of the mainland. These dives may count towards your prepaid dive package (NO surcharges) or can be purchased separately.

siladen_boat_13Our traditional style wooden boats are spacious and have all the necessary amenities such as marine toilets. All our boats provide covered seating and dry storage areas for cameras & personal belongings. In addition, all boats are staffed by licensed captains and an assistant. Each vessel is equipped with first aid and emergency oxygen as well. Drinking water, coffee and tea are available free of charge on all boats and fresh fruit and snacks are provided after every dive. Towels are also available onboard.

DC-guidesThe dive guides at Siladen Resort and Spa have extensive dive experience diving in North Sulawesi. Their main role is to guide you and sport all the wonderful critters for you. The dive guides are keen underwater naturalists and will help you find and responsibly photograph the critters on the reef. Guides are also happy to help and advise on all diving related issues. Please let them know about your dive preferences, they will do their best to find that critter on your wish list. To experience a Private Dive Guide please ask the Dive Center Management for details.

DC-Private-GuideFor those guests who prefer a one-on-one dive experience, we offer both private guide and private boat service. A private guide will accompany you on the regularly scheduled daytime boat dives.

For those looking to follow their own schedule or choose their own sites, our private boat service will provide you with your own boat and dive guide. Please inquire in the Dive Center as to availability and cost for these services.

snorkel_01Snorkelers are encouraged to join the boats for snorkeling.

All reefs around the islands of the Bunaken National Marine Park are suitable for snorkeling as they come up as shallow as 3m or 10ft in depth. Like the divers, you will have a briefing from your guide. The boat crew will pay close attention to any snorkelers in the water and will pick up snorkelers whenever signal is given. We recommend a wetsuit for sun and jelly fish sting protection, along with suitable mask, snorkel and fins, due to possible currents.

Snorkeling by boat has a charge.

Guests can also enjoy great snorkeling off the beach on Siladen, just next to the old jetty, a few minutes walk from the Resort entrance.

We recommend all our guests use Nitrox, as it provides not only extended no-decompression times, but also provides an added level of safety when used properly. Nitrox is available for a surcharge for those guests with a Nitrox certification. We provide a 32% oxygen mix, but we are able to provide up to 40% custom blends as well. Please enquire in the Dive Center as to price and availability. Your dive guide will help you analyze your tank onboard.

Not certified? Please let the Dive Center Manager know if you wish to get certified.

siladen_dc_02Diving and snorkeling equipment is available for rent. Click here to see the list of equipment and rental pricing.

siladen_dc_09A camera room is available for photographers/videographers and our dives guides are accustomed to working with them.

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