The story of Siladen Resort & Spa starts when the Marianelli family fell in love with Siladen at the beginning of the millennium. Originally intended as a retirement property for the older generation, the Marianelli’s soon saw the potential of the island to become an exclusive resort and spa managed by sons, Marco and Daniele.

In 2015, a new era started in Siladen Resort & Spa. Ana and Miguel Riberio, and Ray Rorimpandey, owner of the famous Lembeh Resort, joined the management team.

Ana and Miguel Ribeiro started working in North Sulawesi in 2013, at the famous Lembeh Straits and immediately fell in love with the region. After visiting Siladen they couldn’t resist Daniele’s offer to join the team. At the beginning of 2015 they became Siladen Resort & Spa’s new managers.

Ray Rorimpandey, a North Sulawesi native from Tondano, also joined the team, investing in the incredible Bunaken National Park with its abundant clear waters.


Together, we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment in which the resort is located. It is only by ensuring that the environment is adequately protected that we can guarantee the long term success of Siladen Resort & Spa. We aim to offer the best service a diving resort can offer to each guest with a full commitment to improve the quality of life of our workers and the local community.

Learn more about our commitment to the environment and local community.

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