Lisa Collins

I started taking underwater images around 2002, but only really started getting serious 8 later after visiting Indonesia and seeing the incredible marine life underwater.

People told me I was good at telling stories of my underwater adventures, so I started writing about them and have now been a major feature writer for UK’s Diver magazine for over 4 years. I also write for various other publications and companies including Dive New Zealand and Gone West. My underwater photos and articles have appeared in The Daily Mail and The Times newspapers.

3.5 years ago, I started a company distributing INON products in the UK, one of the top manufacturers of underwater photography equipment. INON Japan regularly ask me to test prototype or brand new equipment on the many underwater photography trips I take. I am very proud that my photos appear in their product brochures and on their website.

I teach my own underwater photography course, which INON Japan have put their name to, as well as running underwater photography workshops worldwide.

Indonesia has always been a favourite destination of mine for underwater photography, and I hope my photos from Siladen demonstrate my passion for it.

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