The concept of freediving is very easy to understand. If you hold your breath and dive underwater, you are free-diving.

The experienced ones can spend several minutes underwater without coming up for air and may dive quite deep.

Maybe you’ve always wondered… How can they hold their breath for so long and dive so deep?

Some people think that freediving is an extreme and dangerous sport, but this is not the case. In fact, for those who enter the world of freediving for the first time, they immediately understand that it is a safe, beautiful and life-changing sport.

For many new divers, the appeal of freediving is the freedom to explore the underwater world without the burden of scuba gear. Of course, the amount of time you can spend underwater is much greater with an air supply, but freediving allows you to interact with underwater life differently connecting individuals with the ocean in a unique and personal way.

At our exclusive, award-winning boutique dive resort located on Pulau Siladen, a lush tropical island in the heart of the Bunaken Marine National Park, a protected ocean area known worldwide for the richness of its waters and as the epicenter of global marine biodiversity, we are committed to offering a comprehensive freediving experience that embraces all skill levels and interests, led by our passionate SSI freediving instructor, Leandra.

Exploring the depths with our courses

In freediving, mastering the art of proper breathing it’s everything. So, it becomes essential to understand and perform breathing techniques that optimize the use of oxygen.

In our courses, which include both entry-level sessions and advanced courses, this process begins with deep, measured inhalations and exhalations before the dive. The goal is to keep your heart rate slow, to minimize carbon dioxide production. This awareness of breathing makes every dive intense but, in any case, safe and serene.

Through a combination of breathing, stretching and open water diving sessions, participants develop essential skills. With Leandra and our highly qualified team, the progress is tangible and surprising, demonstrating how possible it is with the right orientation, passion and dedication, to become a freediver.

An adventure for everyone, always safe

Regardless of your age or level of confidence in the water, our activities are accessible to everyone, including snorkelers looking to expand their skills and divers looking to optimize their air consumption.

Additionally, we welcome those who are simply curious to experience freediving or undertake the full SSI Freediver course. Freediving is an adventure suitable for anyone with the desire to explore the wonders of the underwater world.

In our resort, safety always comes first. We are committed to ensuring a safe and excellent experience in every aspect, including staff training. In fact, our team members are carefully trained in freediving techniques, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all our participating guests.

Our dedication to safety not only enhances the overall experience, but ensures professional support during every dive.

Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and competence. Through ongoing education and training, we ensure that each guest receives expert, personalized service throughout their freediving course.

Freediving is not just an activity, but a transformative experience that opens the door to the underwater world in a unique and engaging way.