August is usually the busiest month for us at Siladen Resort & Spa, as many Europeans get extended summer vacations so it becomes easier to travel to far away destinations such as North Sulawesi. We especially get many Italian visitors during August, and each year many of them return to us to spend their summer vacations in the sun. 

For the last four summers we have had a group of eight Italians visit us, and although they originally came as guests, we now think of them as good friends. Out of the eight, Cesare, Paolo, Marzia, Sandro, Tarquina, Daniele and Silvia are divers, while Carla prefers to spend her vacation relaxing by the pool. They always dive with either Danny or Teddy, and they have built up such as rapport with them them that they even named a couple of new dive sites after the group, one of which is especially good for spotting rare nudibranch species. 

They are known collectively as CDSP because Cesare, Daniele, Sandro and Paolo make fantastic underwater movies during their time here. If you have not been here during a time they visit, there is still a very good chance you have seen their footage, as they are always kind enough to allow us to air it to guests during out movie and presentation nights.

This summer, we had most of the group come back to visit us. Cesare and Carla arrived first, spending more than two weeks with us, and later Paolo, Marzia, Daniele and Silvia arrived to spend a couple of weeks exploring Bunaken Marine Park. 

As always, they were king enough to bring a new video, and this one showcases some of the amazing marine critters they have seen over the past four years. We would like to thank you once again for coming back to us, and we can’t wait to see the footage from this years vacation!