This summer there have been an exceptional number of cetaceans spotted in Bunaken National Marine Park. Our dolphin and whale watching tour has been a popular half-day trip for our guests. Starting just after breakfast we set out on our tour boat in search of these magnificent creatures, and after a short period of searching we often find ourselves surrounded by a pod of over 100 dolphins.

There are many species of whale and dolphin living within the park, but our most regular encounters are with the Long Nosed Spinner Dolphin, the Common Dolphin, and sometimes we can find a 20 strong pod of Pilot Whales. When we find the dolphins, they often swim along side our boat, playing underneath the bow, and the Spinner Dolphins live up to their name and can be seen jumping out of the water, performing aerial acrobatics.

After an hour or so of watching these playful mammals swim and dance around the boats, we leave them alone so they can carry on with their daily hunt. We then take the boat to one of the most beautiful reef tops within the park, and you can see some of the amazing marine life that Bunaken has to offer by either diving or snorkeling.