siladen_Halloween_2016_01At Siladen Resort & Spa we are always looking for a reason to get into decoration mode and make a few personal touches to paradise. This year, with the help of many staff and guests, we have been able to make Siladen ‘spookier’ than ever before!

Bar supervisor Vendy has been using his artistic skills to create some fantastic horror themed ornaments, including bottles of vampire blood, moon dust and even a jar full of eyes! Using his drinks cauldron he concocted a special ‘Zombie Potion’ for guests to drink. Don’t worry, it won’t turn you into one, it is developed as an antidote to prevent zombie outbreaks, plus it tastes delicious!


Frankie, one of our talented chefs usually carves fruit into spectacular decorations for lunch and dinner buffet tables. This Halloween, Frankie and many of our guests have carved a fantastic array of ghoulish looking pumpkins to display around the resort. Many members of all departments around the resort have had a fun day creating ghastly decorations to hang around the place.

siladen_Halloween_2016_06From everyone here at Siladen Resort & Spa, Happy Halloween!