rescueThe Elements of an Outstanding Dive Experience

What makes an amazing dive experience? Is it the local knowledge of the guides who can find all the craziest critters on the reef? Is the captains understanding of the oceans to ensure you don’t head out into treacherous conditions? Or is it a smiling crew who are ready to help you with your equipment, cameras, or just ready to hand you a nice hot cup of tea after a long dive. In our opinion it is all of this, and much more!

Prioritizing Safety: A Core Commitment at Siladen Resort & Spa

Diving has potential hazards, even if everything is done by the book. This is why safety is the most important aspect of any dive operation, and one we at Siladen Resort & Spa take very seriously. All of our guides are trained with diver rescue, and everyone who works on the boats have been trained in first aid. But luckily, these skills are rarely, if ever, put to use. This is why refreshing such skills is just as important as completing the training in the first place. Recently we have had a relatively quiet period, which gave us a perfect opportunity to give our team some refresher training.

Refreshing Skills: Ensuring Readiness for Any Dive Situation

EFR 2Over the course of a few days, we had the opportunity to jump in the water with the guides and practise all the rescue skills that they will hopefully never have to use. We also had some time to get everyone together to practise first aid and CPR training, including refreshment of the different Emergency Oxygen systems that we have on the boats and at the resort. Apart from being an essential aspect of a dive operation, these skills are essential for everyday life outside of the resort, and can really make a huge difference in the outcome of an accident, diving related or not. It was not only a good refreshment for the team, but also a lot of fun and a good team bonding experience.

Enhancing Boat Safety: Communication and Emergency Preparedness

We have also improved the safety features of the boats. In the event of an emergency communication between the boat and the base is key to a smooth rescue operation. This is why all of our boats are now fitted with VHF marine base radios, so no matter where the boat are, they can quickly and easily contact anyone at the resort. As a back up to this, mobile phones are carried by the crew so if we cannot contact by radio for any reason, a quick call to the office can be made to alert everybody of the situation. We have also added new emergency oxygen kits to the boats. These new systems are quicker to assemble than the older ones, and more portable.