This August, we welcomed back our long time guest and friends, Cesare, Carla, Daniele, Silvia, Paolo, and Marzia. This fun group of Italians have visited every August since 2014, sometimes even staying for a month! There are actually 2 more members of the team, Sandro and Tarquinia, however this year they couldn’t make it.

Collectively, they form a videography group named ‘CDSP’, documenting their vacation and what they see underwater. This year, Daniele also brought his new drone and got some amazing birds eye footage of our little island.
They have always been very kind, sharing their videos with us and allowing us to show other guests. This year has been no different, and Cesare has sent us a selection of the new videos, including the aerial shots and underwater footage from both muck diving and the deep walls throughout Bunaken Marine Park.
They are already making plans for next August, and this time, we hope Sandro and Tarquinia will return, so the whole team will be back together again. We can’t wait!