Bunaken Marine Park is heavily geared towards those who love to go diving and snorkeling. The clear blue waters, seemingly bottomless walls and countless marine species make it one of the world’s best diving locations. But not everybody who visits the park wants to spend all of his or her time in the water. This is why we, at Siladen Resort & Spa are always looking to expand our non-diving activities.

Our trip to the Tangkoko Nature reserve is always extremely popular amongst our guests, who are usually lucky to spot a number of endangered species, many of them endemic to North Sulawesi. We also regularly run trips to the ‘Minahasa’ highland region, filled with traditional markets, spice fields, cultural history, and an ever lingering scent of sulfur, serving as a reminder of the regions violent volcanic past.

At Siladen Resort itself, we have been adding many new activities for non-divers and non-snorkelers. Last year we brought in two stand up paddle boards which have been incredibly popular, especially at sunset. A cooking class has been started with our skilled head chef, who is more than happy to teach guests how to prepare many of the delicious dishes that are eaten throughout the Minahasa Region, and the rest of Indonesia. Recently we reinstalled the beach volleyball court, and almost everyday guests and staff can be found there playing a game, or simply watching the match.
Our most recent addition arrived just last week. Three kayaks (two singles, and one double) are now available free of charge to guests, to take out as and when they please. To kayak around the island only takes one hour, so it is a great way to see Siladen when the tide is too high to walk around. All kayaks feature a padded back rest, to make the trip more comfortable, and a space to keep some small items dry, such as a mobile phone or cameras.

We want to make Siladen Resort & Spa the best resort in Indonesia, so we are always looking out for things we can do to improve. If you have any suggestions of what you might like to see or do on your next visit here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]