By Jürgen and Birgit Brandt

When we started our first vacation at Siladen, a very hard time was lying behind me, some months before my mom had passed away. So I had no expectations about this trip, i just wanted a little relaxation and distance after this time.

 The first days, just like a dream, I woke up in a wonderful dive resort. I remember the beautiful dive sites in the Bunaken Marine Park. I was deeply impressed with how many turtles, different kind of fishes and nudibranchs, crabs and little stuff live here.

Our tours to MINAHASA HIGHLAND and the TANGKOKO RAINFOREST with Hery our German-speaking guide were very exciting and we took a lot of videos and photos.

Some important historical events happened then which we will never forget:

  • We were witnesses, how Mickey and Mina were rescued. 🙂
  • We enjoyed a romantic Beach-Dinner and talked a lot with Morten.
  • We heard about the big wedding in Manado from Vendy and Helen.
  • It was Susan’s 20th birthday.
  • Miguel got a boat called sonhar
  • The house from Ana and Miguel was nearly finished
  • We both fall in love with the resort and all the wonderful people we met there.
  • We found new friends: Ana and Miguel and Tia and John, who are always in our heart and we miss them so much.

I was totally overwhelmed how perfect these three weeks have been, it was like being in paradise.

We both where indescribable sad, when we had to leave our new home away from home and decided to come back, we have been back several times ever since !!!