Siladen_partyThis year has been incredible for Siladen Resort & Spa. Everywhere you look, in every department, there have been changes. As the resort is now in a bit of a quiet period, it seemed like the perfect time to get everybody together and have a party! It was not just to celebrate the many successes of 2015, but also to celebrate both Christmas and the 13th anniversary of Siladen Resort & Spa.

The morning was spent on the beach near the dive centre, where many games had been planned for contestants of all ages. Some of the games required team work, where as others saw friends turn to enemies as departments were pitted against each other in fierce competitions such as ‘sack racing’. Other games just ended up with participants being covered in chocolate sauce or water! After a few hours had passed, and many prizes had been given out, it was time to take a break.

In the afternoon the local vicar came to the resort and gave a Christmas service, which of course included a range of Christmas carols performed by each department. Afterwards everyone was treated to a delicious meal, cake and karaoke. To sum the day up a movie was shown which highlighted many moments of 2015, and a speech was given to thank everybody for their hard work over the past year.