Here is a documentary from Travel2Sea  you should not miss. Find out how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the dive industry and all the people that depend on it. Niels and Celine spent well over one year in Siladen Resort & Spa and other areas of Indonesia, diving but also getting to know the people and their stories.

“We have been deeply touched by all the resilience we encounter traveling in Indonesia and especially on Siladen Island. Despite the challenges and the difficulties, the will to adapt and to move forward is the strongest. In our documentary we strived to bring awareness to their issues since it might inspire people to adapt in difficult times. Because it is a story that is shared by many.”

Celine Monfort and Niels Prinssen


Sweet & Sour

“A story shared by many”

“SWEET & SOUR” is a documentary film about how the dive industry and its people experience the pandemic in Indonesia. And sharing the countries natural beauty above and below it’s incredible seas.

A message of struggle, adaptation and hope that all started with the worlds lockdown in march 2020 and
still continues to this day.

For the makers of this film it was a very personal story. We had come to Indonesia to start a new job and life as dive center managers of Siladen Resort & Spa. But soon after our arrival the borders closed and the last guests went back to their home countries. Like most resorts, dive operators and people around us we did not yet know what the new pandemic meant.

But over the course of a year we witnessed first-hand how everyone in the industry dealt differently with the new situation that still goes on today. A situation of struggle and adaptation but amongst all the change we found that most people shared a message of hope.

The tourism sector, that is interconnected with the diving industry has been one of the sectors that has been hit the hardest. Thousands of people lost their jobs, income and lively hood. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Indonesia had outlined a target to receive at least 17 million foreign tourists in 2020. Accounting for US$20 billion of foreign exchange revenue.

When all borders closed most dive centers, resorts and liveaboards were forced to stop their operations since local tourism is not sufficient to sustain the industry and the livelihood of those involved. So how did people react and how did it change their lives?

This film focusses on telling the compelling stories of the people we met during our travels in Indonesia in times of Covid. Domestic travel remained open and we had the chance to travel and dive some of Indonesia most precious destinations. We met many people that just like us had become a victim of the crisis.

“Everyone had a story to tell and we decided it was a story worth sharing”.

It became a story that highlights the relationship between people and their natural world in which they live and work. People with a passion for biodiversity, conservation and wilderness preservation are underlying values that shape the lives of all people in this film.

We strived to bring awareness to their issues since it might inspire people to adapt in difficult times. Because it is a story that is shared by many.

Celine and Niels

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