Just like many other islands found throughout Indonesia and much of the tropics, Siladen has a shallow reef flat separating our white sandy beaches from the extreme depths found within Bunaken Marine Park. The shallow waters are a perfect place for sea grass meadows to grow, providing much needed shelter for juvenile fish species and a hearty meal for the odd dugong that occasionally pass through these waters. 

At high tide, the water is high enough to bring all of our boats directly into the resort, however when the tide is low the boats must moor in the village next to our signature wall dive ‘Siladen Jetty’. The walk from the village is a short one; around 500 metres, taking a couple of minutes, passing the local school, the old church and a number of houses. While this is a pleasant walk, some may find it a little more challenging during the heat of the day when the boats come back after the morning dives. 

In the past, we would arrange a motor cycle to pick up those who prefer to not walk, however we have now upgraded and built our very own taxi, which we have named the ‘Siladmobile’. Essentially, it is still a motorbike, however it has a carriage built into the front that can seat two guests at a time, offering a comfortable ride back to resort under some shade.
Let us know if you wish to try it out next time you visit us 🙂