Siladen Bentor

Anyone who has stayed with us before will known that just like many other coral islands, Siladen is subjected to fairly large tidal excursions. 

Directly in front of Siladen Resort & Spa is a large seagrass meadow which goes out roughly 500 metres before the coral garden, followed by the wall. During high tide, our boats can easily manoeuvrer across the meadow and coral gardens with no issue, however as the tide begins to drop, our boats can potentially get stuck on a sand bar close to shore. Because of this, we must moor in the village whenever the tide gets too low for the boats to safely park at the resort. 

If you have stayed with us over the past two years, you probably would have seen, or even ridden on, our Siladen Taxi – which we nicknamed ‘Siladmobile’ when it first arrived back in early 2016. The taxi was what is known as a Bentor – a converted motorbike with a covered seating area on the front. She could take 3 passengers plus the driver, and has served us well over the past few years. 

While her main job was to shuttle guests too and from the boats, she also proved useful when it came to moving heavy camera systems, and she was invaluable as a photo prop, as guests would often queue to have their pictures taken on this novel means of transportation. 

Unfortunately, the salty sea air has slowly eaten away at her frame and engine, and she no longer works properly. After a few fixes, we decided we were fighting a losing battle, and decided to replace her. 

With that said, we are very happy to introduce our newest member of the Siladen fleet, the ‘Siladen-Wagen’. This time, we opted to go for the next size up with a golf cart. She can fit five passengers plus the driver, so now we can transport more guests at a time, and it is much easier to get on that the bentor was. 

We love our newest addition, and we hope you do too, and we hope that you will get to test her out soon!